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9/2/15  -  KITTY UPDATE

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Only a few kittens will be available so place your deposit now!

Mokave Kittens
August 2015 Jag Cat Litter

See Pet Parent Criteria and Reserving a Mokave Kitten for more information on buying a Jag Cat. See Kitten Care/Training for instructions on feeding and raising your Mokave Jag Cat.


Pet Parent
Stacy H.   Momence, IL

Your kittens are beauties, but that's no big surprise. I would love to purchase another kitten.
I'd like a marble Jag Cat. No rush on the kitten, I know it takes time. "


According to the American Heart Association, owning a pet is associated with more physical activity, lower blood pressure, better lipid levels and better acute coronary syndrome survival.   -- USA Today


Available Jag Cat Kittens

Mokave Jag Cat kittens are ready to go at 13 weeks, but take four years to fully mature. All kittens are spayed or neutered prior to pickup or shipping. Available Jag Kittens are listed by their Kitten ID code.


The parents of my current Jag Cat litters are shown below.

Meet the MOMS of the Available Kittens

Queen Alani has two big golden babies.
Queen Noelle has Rafe's biggest boys this year so far.
Queen Orianna has one big bobcat-looking girl out of King Rafe.

Mokave Queen


Mokave Queen


Mokave Queen


Queen Shanika has the only marbled boy!
Queen Zahi is drop-dead gorgeous and her kittens are, too.

Mokave Queen


Mokave Queen


Note: All these queens are young adolescents.

Meet the DADS of the Available Kittens

King Kiko is the last of my Marbled Jag Cats.
3/4-grown King Rafe is what I call an EXTRA LARGE Jag Cat.
His son, King Wolf, is only 1 year old and on his way to becoming a possible GIANT Jag Cat!
50%-grown King Tytan is an EXTRA LARGE Jag Cat... and still growing!

Mokave King

King Kiko

Mokave King

King Rafe

Mokave King

Rafe's son, King Wolf, born in 2014

Mokave King

King Tytan

Jag Cat Kittens For Sale!

Available MALE Kittens

Call 904-292-9195 or email me at
for current photos of available male kittens.

Available FEMALE Kittens

Call 904-292-9195 or email me at
for current photos of available female kittens.

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Available Jag Cats

Every two to three years, I rotate my breeding stock to prevent overbreeding and inbreeding... and sometimes a potential breeder turns out to be sterile. This year I am testing for fertility and cutting back on the number of kittens I plan to keep for my breeding program.

Currently, I have several 25 to 50% grown Jag Cats available that are as friendly and playful as my $5000 Jag Kittens but priced lower for those on a budget.

Adolescent Queens:   $2000 - $3500
Adolescent Kings:       $3000 - $4500

Price includes spay/neutering, microchip, and vaccinations.
Contact me for more information on these friendly felines.

The Following Adolescent Jag Cats are For Sale!

Click on the Jag Cat's photo to see more pictures of that cat.

Queen Kaimana  -  $2500
Mokave Queen

Gentle Kaimana is a rare Snow Jag with a soft plush coat, big rosettes, lynx tipped ears and a super playful nature. She is good with children.

Watch my video below!

King Aden  -  $3000
Mokave King

Aden has big feet, lynx-tipped ears, and is too gentle to live with another adult male cat. Females, male kittens, dogs and kids OK.

Watch my video below!


Queen Rayne

Rayne at 1 year

Pet Parent of an Adolescent
Rich M.   Middletown, CT

"Rayne is now two years old [half grown]. She has gotten bigger in length & weight and her spots are more pronounced. Right now she's 22" long from base of tail to top of head and tips the scale at 12.7 lbs. Rayne stands on her hind legs & reaches to the door knob, then wraps her webbed paws around the knob.

"She sleeps like a human with head on pillow & paws out stretched. She likes to play "fetch the mousy." I throw mousy & she returns it to me so she can run after it again. She also plays tag with Peeshee & Bandit until they all collapse in a heap of cat bodies.

"Rayne greets me at the door every time I leave the house & watches the house when I'm gone. She purrs up a storm, licks my fingers & nuzzles my hand up to the top of her head. My neighbor saw Rayne on Saturday & asked what kind of cat she was that gets that big.

"She's been with me now 5 months. When she doesn't know where I am, she calls out to me with a deep cry/chirp. Rayne is definitely my cat and has claimed me as hers. When it warms up I'll take her out on a harness & leash."

Kitten Amistad

Amistad at 3 mos

Pet Parent
Teena B.   Clinton, SC

"You were right. This kitten is as sweet as he can be. Amistad goes everywhere I go and he meows if he thinks I have gone missing.

"He is the most wonderful cat I have ever known. I never thought I would love a cat so much."

Young Amistad

Amistad at 10 months

Pet Parent
Stacy H.   Momence, IL

Jag Kitten


Pet Parent
Micki S.   Omaha, NB

"Zuri is so different from my two Savannah cats. He is entertaining, handsome, friendly and LOVING... something I've never seen in any other cat [to this degree] and I've had cats all my life. Zuri is so special! He will walk up to me, wrap his paws around me for a hug, then reach up and place one paw on my face and look right into my eyes. He sleeps with one paw touching my arm all night long.

"He is knowingly naughty, then so loving that you can't be mad and he KNOWS it! Last night he got into trouble and I swear he was grinning at me! He loves to talk to my friends; they think it's hilarious when his "meows" sound like actual words.

"Everyone who sees him, wants him. He is the best cat I have ever known. I adore him."

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Jag Cat Size

Jag Cats usually come in BIG, EXTRA LARGE and GIANT sizes but there is no way to accurately predict which kittens will get to be the biggest. Jag Cat females don't weigh as much as Jag Cat males but the girls can grow longer and taller than the boys. Adult females usually weigh between 12-20 pounds; adult males between 15-28 pounds.

This is a BIG Mokave Jag Cat...

Mokave Kitten

Kitten Oeric

Mokave Kitten

1 year old

Mokave Kitten

3-year-old King Oeric

This is an EXTRA LARGE Mokave Jag Cat...

Mokave Kitten

Kitten Rafe

Mokave Kitten

1 year old

Mokave Kitten

3-year-old King Rafe

This is a GIANT Mokave Jag Cat...

Mokave Kitten

Kitten Puma

Mokave Kitten

1 year old

Mokave Kitten

3-year-old Puma w/5-year-old Hailee

Kitten Zeus

Kitten Zeus


by Pet Parent
Jennifer G.   Lubbock, TX

"Zeus will be 7 this year and still acts like a kitten. He waits by the door every morning to see his daddy come home from working nights, then sleeps cuddled up with him during the day.

"Zeus is a fantastic cat. When he is upset that no one's home, he pulls the socks and undergarments out of everyone's dresser and strings them all through the house. He knows when he's going to get a talkin' to and sulks under the bed. Eventually he comes out and starts loving and purring..."

Cuteness Attack!
A Jag Cat kitten on a 4' cat wheel...

Click to play video.

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Future Litters

Mokave Jag Cats can take 1 to 3 years to mature sexually and a mating does not always produce a litter... Spring/Summer litters usually are the easiest to produce. Fall/Winter litters are more difficult as these seasons are not normal birthing times for the wild cat ancestors of my Jag Cats.

Average litter size is between two and four kittens. For each pending litter, I usually reserve one kitten for my breeding program and accept up to three Reservation deposits.

At various times of the year litters sell out before they are born
so reserving early is the only way to ensure that you get a kitten.
Please see
Buying Mokave Jag Cats
for prices and more information.


Pet Parent
David C.   Yuma, AZ

"It's been a month since Quiana arrived in San Diego. After a long day flying she was looking for love. She handle the flight very well... upon arrival at home, she settled right in.

"My son and I just absolutely love Quiana. She's my best buddy - sleeping on my chest when I'm sitting on my recliner. Dynamite personality! She rolls over and gives up her stomach to you... just total trust.

"We think that we have the best cat your facility has ever produced. Quiana is a huge part of our family and loved by all. She is just what we were looking for in a big, fun, very playful cat."

Jag Kitten


Pet Parent of a Young Adult
Peggy F.   Haverhill, MA

"3-year-old Catherine is very attached to me. She comes to me and lets me rub her belly, follows me everywhere, and is very vocal, which surprised us because Oak - our grandson's Jag Cat - rarely meows.

"We are so in love with Miss Catherine! She loves playing catch with Jack. He throws her small rattan cat balls and she catches almost all of them! She also kicks them back down the stairs with her paw so Jack will keep sending them her way. One of her favorite toys is the Cat's Meow (see photo).

"Catherine is a beautiful cat with a marvelous personality. Jack and I never stop laughing at some of the things she does. You do a outstanding job in bringing beautiful, lovable and highly intelligent cats into the world! Thank you for our Jag Cat."

Jag Cat

Miss Catherine

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