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UPDATED  -  3/15/2017
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Mokave Jag Cats take  four years  to fully mature so keep them on kitten food until they are at least two years old if you want them to reach maximum size.

2017 Prices:  $5000 - $15000

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Zala & Cougar's Litter - 3/3/17

Jag Kitten #3   $6000
Jag Kitten Jag Kitten
I'm a pretty girl with red-gold fur and big rosettes! My ID is ZALAC1_SF1.

Jag Kitten #4   $7000
Jag Kitten Jag Kitten
I'm a big boy with large dark rosettes! My ID is ZALAC1_SM.

Tiara & Cougar's Kitten - 2/9/17

First Ever Quadruple-Hybrid Jag Cat!
(Bobcat, Jungle Cat, Asian Leopard Cat & Serval)   $15000
NOTE: This newly developed bloodline cannot reside in states that prohibit high-percent hybrids.

Jag Kitten
Jag Kitten

I am the largest of the Jag Kittens with a yellow-gold coat and dark rosettes! My ID is TC1_SM.

Malika & Lycaon's Litter - 2/11/17

Jag Kitten

Jag Kitten

"The second day we had Shakira he took a ball and actually put it in my hand to play fetch. I couldn't believe it. Shakira is smarter than a dog. I am very impressed. He always comes when I call him. I've had Shakira for less than a week and he wants to be with me where ever I go."

Kim H.   Ellijay, GA

"Thor chewed on my hair and tickled me all night long. He is so cute. Xavia likes to cuddle at night. They are so curious about everything! I'm in love with them."

Melissa F.   Centennial, CO

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"The kitties are awesome! So well socialized. We are thrilled!"

Heather P.   Montgomery, TX


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