Mokave Jag Cat
Breed Standard

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Mokave Jag Cat is a very big, wild-looking feline with high intelligence and an easy-going, super-friendly temperament. The larger size, heavy bone structure, dramatic coloring, and exotic markings bring to mind the elusive Jaguar, hence the name "Jag Cat." In addition, lynx-like features such as long ear tufts, ear furnishings, and natural bobtails add to the overall uniqueness of this breed. Jag Cats are bred for temperament first and foremost as these animals are intended to be companion pets and can be placed in families with children and housepets.

HISTORY: Developed by Nora Scholin of the Mokave Cats cattery, originated in December, 2000. The Mokave Jag Cat is a composite of wild-looking, yet non-aggressive, genetic traits outcrossed from Desert Lynx, Highland Lynx, Jungle Cat and Asian Leopard Cat hybrids, selectively bred generation after generation since 2001.

PERMISSIBLE OUTCROSSES thru 2011:  Asian Leopard Cat F1, Desert Lynx, Highland Lynx, Jungle Cat F1
PERMISSIBLE OUTCROSSES thru 2013:  Asian Leopard Cat F2, F3, Jungle Cat F2, F3.
PERMISSIBLE OUTCROSSES after 2013:  To Be Determined.

PERMISSIBLE DOMESTIC OUTCROSSES thru 2008:  Bengal, Maine Coon (one queen only).

TEMPERAMENT:  Intelligent, alert, confident, curious, active, playful, gentle, very friendly.


SHAPE:  Large, heavy looking, broad wedge slightly longer than wide, white throat.
Allowed - Large rounded head.
Undesirable - Small head in proportion to torso.
EARS:  Moderate-sized, tapered, forward facing alert ears, "twist tufts" (slight inward turn, long lynx tipping), ear furnishings, ocelli.
Allowed - Straight ears with lynx tipping, moderately curled ears.
Undesirable - Plain straight ears, severely curled ears.
EYES:  Large, wide-set eyes; white around eyes. Colors: green, green-gold, gold; blue eyes in Seal Lynx Point snows.
Allowed - Hazel, aqua, brown eye colors.
Undesirable - Small, close-set eyes.
PROFILE:  Strong and staight or with a slight convex curve.
Allowed - Slight dip.
Undesirable - Strong dip.
NOSE:  Broad and flat, black or dark nose leather.
Allowed - Slight rounding, red nose leather.
MUZZLE:  White color preferred; broad, square shape; large whisker pads; long whiskers; high cheek bones.
Allowed - Slightly smaller muzzle in females.
Undesirable - Tiny muzzle.
CHIN:  Strong, straight down from nose tip to a 90-degree angle.
Allowed - Slight curve in lower jaw.
Undesirable - Tiny or pointed chin.
VOCALIZATIONS:  Deeper, non-domestic sounds such as rowls, chirps, barks and trills.
Allowed - Normal meows.

NECK:  Muscular.


TORSO:  Large, heavily muscled, powerful look, well-proportioned, long and tall, deep chest, white tummy with dark spots, preferred.
Allowed - Pale tummy with spots.
Undesirable - Too leggy, fragile looking.
LEGS:  Sturdy, muscled, thick forelegs, slightly higher in back, spots and barring on legs.
Allowed - Equal length front and back legs.
Undesirable - Short or thin legs.
FEET:  Large, wide paws, spotting down to toes, prominate knuckling. No polydactyl.
TAIL:  Long, thick, ring-tailed barring or spots, tapers to a blunt end, black tip.
Allowed - Bobtail, natural only - no docking allowed.
Undesirable - Rumpy (no tail), rumpy riser, skinny tail, tail kinks.
BONING:  Large, dense, heavy frame.
Allowed - Stocky.
Undesirable - Light-weight.
MUSCULATURE:  Solid, heavily muscled.
Allowed - Average build.
Undesirable - Delicate looking.
WEIGHT:  18-30 pounds upon maturity.
Allowed - 14-17 pounds upon maturity.
Undesirable - Less than 14 pounds upon maturity.


LENGTH:  Medium "plush" coat, little or no shedding.
Acceptable - Smooth coat.
Undesirable - Long hair.
TEXTURE:  Dense and soft, velvet-like.
Acceptable - Silky.
Fault - Coarse.
COLOR:  Any golden hue, blue, brown, champagne, chocolate, cinnamon, ebony, red, snow.
PATTERN:  Dark rosettes or tri-colored marbling, clear coat, high contrast between pattern and coat color.
Allowed - Dark spots, light rosettes, dark marbling, slight ticking.
Undesirable - Heavy ticking, lockets.
SPOTTING:  Random pattern, large "cat-paw" rosettes.
Allowed - Horizontal pattern, any other rosetting, dark solid spotting.
Undesirable - Small or light-colored spots, no spots.
MARBLING:  Clouded leopard look (extremely large, random spots), tri-coloring, chaining.
Allowed - Horizontal pattern, dark, solid marbling.
Undesirable - Pale coloring, mackerel tabby striping.

Note: Mokave cats are a new breed in development, which means that foundation kittens will exhibit many, but not necessarily all, of the traits mentioned here. For the intent and purpose of state regulations, registered Mokave Jag Cats are considered domestic (non-aggressive); therefore, no special permits or licenses are required to own one.

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